4' x 4' Coverage Canopy Substrate

4' x 4' Coverage Canopy Substrate

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Versatile, sleek and easy to use canopy system for mounting your COB LEDs. Pin Heatsinks sold separately. All prices in CAD.


This Canopy Substrate is designed to cover a 4' x 4' area by sliding in smaller 41" Canopy Rail sets, giving you two axis movement on your pin heatsinks. Each order of this item comes with 3 rail sets, enough brackets for up to 12 pin heatsinks, 3 driver brackets, and one hanging kit. Perfect for one CXB3590 4' x 4' LED kit.

Pin Heatsinks not included

Includes 3 x Driver Brackets to mount any Mean Well HLG-C series driver on top of the rails (except HLG-600H-C series)

Come with two sets of 2 x 1/4" Rope Ratchets (4 ratchets total) to provide an easy way to lower and raise the Substrate with 4 separate mounting points for better stability

-Canopy Rail Instructions
-Full Canopy Substrate Instructions

Material :
Black anodized aluminum
Driver Bracket Compatibility :
Fits all Mean Well HLG-C series drivers except the mean well HLG-600H series
Tools Needed :
Screwdriver, pliers
Coverage Area :
4' x 4'
Outer Dimensions :
40.7" x 42"
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