Core85 LED Bar

Core85 LED Bar

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Ready to hang and use, no assembly required. All prices in CAD.


The Core85 LED bar is perfect for vertical farming, rooting, seedlings, clones and environments where lower light levels or close-proximity (height constraint) are required. With system level efficiency between 2.3-2.5 umol/J and a choice of either 3000K or 4000K color temperature this fixture is great for either full-cycle/veg/rooting or flowering. The Core85 uses 264 full spectrum white LEDs along with 8 supplemental deep red (660nm) LEDs.

For higher light requirement areas we suggest stacking two units to veg a 2' x 4', or three units for flowering.

The Core85 has a built-in non-dimmable driver. We recommend adjusting mounting height to adjust light intensity. Generally speaking we recommend mounting the fixture 8-12" above the seeds/plants.

Each order includes:

1 x Core85 bar
1 x 10' Waterproof Power Cord
1 x Hanging Hardware

Tools Required :
Wattage Draw :
Fixture efficacy :
Coverage Area :
2' x 4' for cloning
Recommended Hanging Height :
Dimensions :
47.25" X 2.1" x 1.5"
Dimmable :
Power Cord Length (US 115VAC) :
6 feet
Hanging Kit :
Warranty :
3 years
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