Royal Blue Veg Puck

Royal Blue Veg Puck

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Ensuring enough royal blue during veg helps with proper plant height and node spacing. Ideal for supplementing lights with low Kelvin (2000-3000K) that don't typically output very much blue. All prices in CAD.


Ensure correct plant height and node spacing by having enough royal blue during vegging. This is ideal for supplementing HPS or low Kelvin LEDs that are high in the red spectrum

Comes with 12V DC power adapter and Carclo 10613 Lens

We recommend two pucks per 4' x 4' during veg

Doesn't require a separate heatsink

Optional PWM dimming

Total Wattage :
LEDs :
XP-G3 Royal Blue
Driver :
Mean Well LDD-700LS
Mounting Holes :
35mm and 50mm apart
DC Power Connector :
5.5mm OD/2.5mm ID
Dimming Signal :
Optional 2.5-6V PWM
Dimensions :
67mm x 67mm (~2.6" x 2.6")
Adapter :
12V (included)
Lens :
Carclo 10613 (included)
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